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What to expect in 2017.?
Calendar of most important smartphone releases
Many exciting things will happen in 2017. As per usual, smartphone manufacturers will announce many interesting flagship devices and mid-rangers throughout the year and compete for consumer attention. If you're wondering which smartphones we will use this year, you are at the right place.
Manufacturers always compete for consumers attention

In Q1 this year Samsung already presented their Galaxy A series 2017. Those are water-resistant mid-range devices with metal frame and glass back side. They are available from February

HTC announced their U Ultra phablet in January. The device comes with 3D contoured glass backside which which looks similar to Galaxy S7. HTC U Ultra has secondary 2-inch display. Function of that extra display is the same as the one on LG V10 for notifications, shortcuts etc. Sales start in March. 

LG  abandons modular design

LG will be the first manufacturer with flagship this year. Press conference will be on February 26th, the day before MWC. LG G6 will probably not be very similar to last years G5. We heard a lot of rumors and even official notes about water resistance, thin bezels big screen and other features. LG will probably abandon modular design which wasn't accepted very well.

Nokia will present their flagship device by the end of the month. And this one will be available on western market unlike Nokia 6. We don't have any information about the device yet, but we are expecting a lot from this reputable manufacturer.

Everyone hopes for Sony's new design language

On MWC 2016. Sony announced Xperia X, XA and X Performance. Judging by the invites the company sent for MWC 2017, I think that Sony will unveil new generation of this devices in Barcelona. Unfortunately, not much is known about new Xperia. But we sure hope for the new design, because Sony follows the same design language since Xperia Z that was released four years ago

Samsung Galaxy S8 twins will be released in mid-April. Those will be the first devices with Snapdragon 835. You can find more about them if you read the article by my colleague Milan. In August we are expecting Note 8 with similar design and S-Pen stylus.

Last year in May we saw Lenovo Moto (Lenovorola/Motonovo) newcomers. So in 2017 probably at the similar time, Moto G5 series will be released. Those should be two mid-range devices G5 and G5 Plus with affordable price

HTC is prepairing real flagship

HTC already confirmed U Ultra but that won't be the only high-end device this year.  Company claims they will release Snapdragon 835 device - probably HTC 11 - which we can expect in Q2 2017. HTC 10 was announced in May last year, but it is possible that the 11 will arrive early.

OnePlus 4 release date is hard to asses, but The 3 was announced in June 2016, so it could be in June. As always, im expecting top specs and affordable price with Oneplus. Because that's always their formula for success. 

2016s Moto Z and Moto Z Play brought modular approach to the next level. Some people like them and some don't. However, those are two great devices and we are excpecting worthy successors in the first half of 2017.

New Note after-all

Despite Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung decided to release the new version of their popular phablet. Galaxy Note 8 shoud be announced during summer, probably in August. The device will feature similar design to Galaxy S8 duo and a must-have S-Pen stylus .

Sony's second flagship Xperia XZ was announced in September so XZ2 will arrive in the similar time frame. With great specs, top-notch performance and IMX400 sensor we are also hoping for a different, innovative design. 

From October to the end of the year we are expecting LG V30, successor to the phablet LG V20 which wasn't avialable in Europe. It will have huge screen and another secondary screen like LG V10 which we have reviewed. 

We got to the end of this little timetable. If you have more information, critic or question, please leave it in the comment.


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