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Samsung revealed Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus
A brief overview of the most anticipated devices of the year
Finally, that day has come. Yesterday, Samsung presented its flagship models for this year. It is the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus, which should be presented at the end of February in Barcelona. But it was worth waiting. Now we have two top models, and you can read everything about those in our article.
S8 and S8 Plus have huge screens and an AI assistant named Bixby

We'll point out that the S8 is in many ways better than the S7, and that brings previously unseen features on Samsung's smartphones, and some that are never seen before. The first thing you notice is the huge OLED Infinity screen, which has almost no bezels. On the S8 it has a 5.8-inch diagonal, and on the S8 Plus, it has a large 6.2 inches. Interestingly, this difference is hardly noticed on the size of both devices, as on the photo. Screens broadcast in QHD resolution (1440x2960p) in 18.5:9 format and have HDR support.

The second thing we must mention is Bixby. It's a finally successful form of a virtual assistant, with whose creation Samsung had a very long struggle. So far, Bixby is limited to the contextual actions, has no voice support (although it can be activated by voice), it's not even encrypted at all Samsung Apps, but it has a special button on the side of the devices. If Bixby really so limited, as it's mentioned, then the presence of Google Assistant (it's also built-in the new Galaxies) will be a pleasure.

The design is enhanced with additions, like iris scanner, and Bixby button

The third important thing is the simplified interface. Although Samsung has almost completely "cleaned up" its TouchWiz interface, it's still recognizable, and has become much easier to operate. Of course, behind this is the Android 7 Nougat, and we wont be wondered if in the end of the year the Android O rolls out.

Speaking of design, we have already mentioned the massive screen, which is made of Corning Gorilla glass, as well as the rear of the device, which is the same as on the S7. The big difference is the position of the fingerprint reader, which is transferred to the rear, alongside the 12 MP camera. It's there because the devices don't have a physical Home button anymore, which is now integrated into the screen, and by pressing this place you get a pleasant vibration. In addition, S8 and S8 Plus got the iris scanner, which is another way that data remain inaccessible to anyone else, except the owner.

Now we switch to the specifications, which you can read in any catalog, and which are important when buying a device. We mentioned everything about the screens, and the OS; and interface, as well. But it all needs some power. For this are responsible Snapdragon 835 (only for US market) and Exynos 8895 (for all other markets) chipsets, and the batteries of 3000 mAh (at S8), and 3500 mAh (at S8 Plus) of capacity. There are also an USB-C slot, a memory card slot (though devices offer 64 GB of internal memory), a headphone jack, 4GB of RAM and 8 MP front camera. Both devices are resistant to water and dust by the IP68 standard.

The devices will be enormously expensive, and other gadgets will be also available for purchase

A lots of extra gadgets come with these smartphones. Thus, customers with get a AKG headphones bundled with smartphone, and there are also a new Gear VR,  the Samsung Dex, which serves as a desktop stand and support for PC mode (it is enough to connect the monitor to it), and a variety of external batteries and other gadgets that Samsung has already created for its Galaxy S series.

But the most important thing of all is the price, and the arrival date. The Americans will meet these devices on April 21, and all the others on April 28. In the US, pre-orders are already possible. Prices will definitely be huge because the expected price for the S8 is $720, and for the S8 Plus is $850. Check out in the video, are these Samsung flagships worth the money.


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